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Why Choose Us?

  • Competent and trained Full Time Faculty – All faculty members at Vinmark are adequately qualified, competent, enthusiastic, young and friendly. We do not believe in part time or “Hoping” faculty. The faculty members are full time with us, which means they are available whenever any student needs help. They are approachable, friendly and eager to help, whenever needed.

  • Small batch size – We do believe that to qualify any competitive exam, personal and individual attention is a must. Keeping this principle in mind, we ensure and maintain a scientifically proven student to teacher ratio of 20:1. This not only helps the students to seek attention, but also helps us to understand the individualistic, unique needs of each of our students. Moreover since the faculty members are not over burdened, they are able to give in their best and complete the syllabus in a pre-planned disciplined manner.

  • Separate batches for CBSE / ICSE / State Board – Though the syllabus may be similar, but examination pattern for every board is different and therefore the teaching methodology needs to be different. That is why we have different batches for every board.

  • Visionary and dedicated Management – It is extremely important to be guided by visionary leaders, who know the destination and have a clear road map to reach there. Vinmark is spearheaded by a team which brings onboard 20 years of experience from education and 20 years of experience from the corporate world. This winning combination manages the education centre personally to ensure close supervision and guidance apart from giving information and direction on the latest opportunities in available new career fields.

  • Content and Study Material – Exclusive content explained in simple language for ease of understanding, is provided to all our students at the beginning of the session, apart from a date plan sheet, which controls the learning schedule and makes sure that the syllabus is completed as planned and not hurried through at the end. All study streams have predefined tests, worksheets and an entire exhaustive test series with revision plan.

  • Proven track record – Needless to say, all the above has contributed to our exceptional success and the success of our students. The ratio of successful students has been one of the highest. We welcome all who wish to taste success.

  • Competent and trained Full Time Faculty
  • Small batch size
  • Separate batches for CBSE / ICSE / State Board


  • Commerce – CBSE/ ICSE/ Mah. Board
  • IPCC


I ‘ve studied at VINMARK for my CA Entrances and my experience here was amazing . The faculty of VINMARK is super. I was in a batch of 15 students which was very very very good thing for me because each and every student got personal attention from the teachers. I had joined VINMARK in the first week of April 2010 and gave my CPT on 20th June 2010. I cleared CPT with decent marks of 137.
Thanks to VINMARK.
Now, I am a student at VINMARK for IPCC. The faculty is like always super. The batch has 7 students in total. The faculty like always are the ones behind the success of the students of VINMARK.


One of the best decision for selecting a tutorial for my CA studies was VINMARK
I was to know about VINMARK through a friend and enrolled myself for CA entrance on 1/4/2010. The faculty is awesome as students get individual attention and teachers are more experienced and very helpful. Its because of them I was able to clear my CPT exam in a period of 2 months !!
After clearing CPT I have enrolled myself again at VINMARK for IPCC Group I and Group II. Our faculty members are the pillars behind the success of VINMARK and most importantly its students. I owe my whole success to them for guiding as all the way.


I have been a student in VINMARK for the IPCC batch of 2010-11. It has been a great experience. The faculty gives personal attention to each student as we have a small batch size. They provided us with all the books we require for our reference and after every chapter worksheet are given, which help us revise the portion simultaneously.
The class is very student friendly, and if due to any unavoidable reason we do not attend certain lectures, they conduct extra lectures for us . We have sufficient number of tests after which the teachers give personal feedback to each student as to where we are lacking.


I came to know about VINMARK through Internet when I passed the CPT Exam. I wanted a good Institute for IPCC. VINMARK Institute was new institute for me and I was nervous about it, but when the IPCC classes started my confidence level increased because the faculty and the way they teach was very good and very satisfactory. The environment of the Institute is very good and encouraging. All the teachers are very good. Because they teach very well, each and every point of the topic. They give us worksheet to solve and they conduct test also for each and every topics.
My experience in VINMARK is very, very good and I was happy to be one of the students of this batch of IPCC. All the teachers focus on each and every student. They give suggestions to improve the performance in the paper. It is very helpful to me regarding the Exam point of view. About the VINMARK Institute is the best Institute for IPCC


After a long and through examination about the classes providing IPCC tuitions, I found VINMARK an appropriate one to be chosen.
The best thing about it was its uniqueness because there we can have the environment of class and of personal tuition both.
There is personal attention to each and every student . Faculty is very good and very cooperative.
Apurv Sir and Manik Madam are very co- operative and they take full care for our studies for IPCC. They provided us reference books and a complete package of test conducted every week so that we can have practice for IPCC.
I thank a lot to VINMARK and to all my faculty for preparing us for not only for IPCC but also for practically facing life.